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Ahlan wa Sahlan (Welcome),

My Dear Respected Brothers and Sisters in Islam, welcome to Little Ummah Toy Shop (Est. 2015)! This start-up was initiated for the young and most precious of our Ummah………the beloved children and our future. As parents, born and raised in the United Kingdom, I am sure you will agree with me for the need for our children to grow up not only having fun; but also rooting the love of Deen into their little hearts also InShaAllah. For this reason, Little Ummah was created for the `Little` of our `Ummah`.

Little Ummah Toy Shop (if Allah wills) aims to provide books, toys, games, CDs, DVDs and other fun products for our children with an islamic ethos so that they may grow up playing and learning. Primarily we will rely on available goods in the market, but as demand grows InShaAllah we hope for your input into products and services we can offer the children. The goal of Little Ummah is to provide fun products at affordable prices, therefore all our prices are carefully selected to keep costs low! Little Ummah has made it their mission to spread Deen through play as far as they can within the UK and the rest of the world with your humble duas! Please keep in touch with us (we`re on social media also) as we work together to make this project successful. We pray for all parents blessed with children that they grow up successful in both Deen and Dunya, and become the coolness of their parent`s eyes. We pray for those who long for children, Allah grants them their duas, and Lastly, we pray for the success of our entire Ummah.

Please keep us in your duas too,

Love and Duas,

Little Ummah Team 🙂


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