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Welcome to Little Ummah Toy Shop (Est. 2015)!

This start-up was initiated for the young and most precious of our Ummah…the beloved children and our future; hence the Little ones of our Ummah. As parents born and raised in a non-muslim country, I am sure you will agree with us for the need for our children to grow up not only happy, healthy, and having fun; but also creating the bond and love for Islam and learning into their little hearts also InShaAllah, so that we may all reach our ultimate goal together of attaining Jannah!

Coming from an era where most kids did not enjoy going to madressah, particularly by the strict enforcement and practices adopted to teach young children at the time, our goal is to reverse this and make learning fun by means of play! Rasulullah (peace be upon him) captured the hearts of the Sahabahs (may Allah be pleased with all of them) by his truth, character, and love; and 1400 years later we see Islam as the fastest growing religion in the world – Alhumdulillah!

Imagine a world where kids actually look forward to learning Deen with love and enthusiasm, and have the resources and technology to ensure this continues for generations upon generations – where would the Ummah be then…long before we have all passed! Forget the modern day football stars, and fake superheroes….when we have real life heroes like the prophet (saw) and his sahabas! Imagine meeting your heroes in Jannah and listening to their stories as they protected this great religion of ours!!

Our mission is to provide educational toys, books, learning resources, gifts and other fun methods of learning so that all parents can benefit their children with high quality toys and products……gone are the days of the toys we used to get from Saudi when someone returned from Hajj or Umrah!

We sincerely request for your love and duas to help ensure we succeed in ensuring you succeed, to succeed all our children and the Ummah InShaAllah!

Love and Duas,

Little Ummah Team 🙂

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