Arabic Alphabet Snap Card Game


Little Ummah – Arabic Alphabet Snap Card Game

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The Arabic Alphabet card game that uses the letters in all their positions: beginning, middle, end and alone.

Three Games in one:

    • Flashcard games to teach the letters.
    • A snap game to build confidence with the letter joins.
    • A fast paced and competitive family game for those confident with the letters.

The game comes with a ‘cheat-sheet’ which shows each letter in all its formations along with the English transliteration for the letter names.

112 game cards + 3 rule cards

These colour coded Arabic Alphabet cards can also be used as flashcards to teach the letters of the Arabic alphabet in their various positions.

Red: letters at the start of a word

Green: letters in the middle of a word

Yellow: letters at the end of a word

Blue: letters on their own


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