Moon & Stars Cot Mobile – Qur`an, Light Projector, and Remote Control


Little Ummah – Moon and Stars Cot Mobile

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Moon & Stars Islamic Cot Mobile :

This cot mobile is the perfect addition to your baby’s cot to entertain, comfort, and soothe your baby off to sleep. Projects starry lights & recites 35+ minutes of gentle, soothing Qur`an. Beautiful Moon and Stars light show is just right for developing visual skills. Lights are soft Red, Green, and Blue.

The soft pastel shades of five soft rotating Moon and Stars to entertain baby are a complement to any nursery, with a starry light show and comforting, soothing voice reciting Surah Yaseen, Surah Rahman, and much more. Baby can hear 35+ minutes of especially recorded audio, a soothing and melodious recitation of Qur`an:

    • Surah Rahman.
    • Surah Yaseen.
    • Last 2 ayahs of Surah Al Baqarah.
    • Surah Nas.
    • Surah Falaq.
    • Surah Ikhlas.
    • Ayatul Kursi.
    • A beautiful lullaby.

Remote control re-starts the motorised mobile, light show, and sound with volume control – so no need to disturb baby.

PLEASE NOTE: The light projection does not function on it’s own i.e. without sound.

The function options which are controlled by the buttons on the spaceship and the buttons on the remote control are as follows:

    • With Sound + Light Projection.
    • With Sound + NO Light Projection.
    • With Sound + Rotation of Toys.
    • With Sound + NO Rotation of Toys.
    • With Sound + NO Rotation of Toys + NO Projection.
    • Volume control.
    • ON/OFF.

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