Quest for Jannah (Board Game)


Little Ummah – Quest for Jannah

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In a playful way reconnect your family while learning more about Islam in an interactive fun way!

Do you want to test your knowledge about Islam and find a way to teach your children more about Islam?

Players will learn that being helpful and kind to their family and others, defines a good Muslim.

So you’re a born winner! How do I win?

Move around the board acquiring as many city sites as you can. The more you own, the more donations you can collect from the other players. Once you acquire all the city sites in a country set then you are entitled to build one Mosque per site which is given by the Angel. This Mosque must be placed on the corresponding city site. The donations you receive usually, increase with the Mosque.

The player that has the most deeds, is the winner.


● Game Board
● 6 tokens
● 26 Mosque Cards
● 60 Mystery Cards
● 100 Question Cards
● 26 Miniature Mosques
● 2 Dice
● Deed Pack- 30 of each denomination

The information, questions and teaching content contained in the game are based on authentic sources included in the game. Please refer to the user manual for more information.


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